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Art Hanging

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Staircase Installations

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Mirror Hanging

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TV Mounting

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Toronto Furniture Assembly

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Closet Organizers

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Our Services:

Art and Mirror Hanging!

We now accept VISA & MasterCard.
Customer must provide a parking spot or pay $30 to find our own.
Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee, you don't pay a dime unless you are happy with our service.
We are fully insured!

Clients outside Toronto!

Are you located in New York or Vancouver and would like only ProHanging to hang your art and mirrors? 
If so...
Call or email us to discuss the arrangement of us coming over to your area today.

Art Packaging, Storage, and Delivery!

If necessary or requested...
We can package or crate your artwork, store it in our facility, and have it carefully delivered and hung at your desired destination.
Please inquire for pricing information.
Call us at 416-731-9781